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We entrusted the management of all our restaurants to the Alajmo Group, a prolific family of restaurateurs with whom we share a common passion, an attention to detail, a responsibility for sustainability and a focus on continuous research.

La Serra

An iconic setting, it has always been the heart of our Campus since our foundation in 2005. Resembling an actual greenhouse (serra in Italian), it houses dozens and dozens of plants inside the fully glazed structure.

Max Alajmo chose a simple and varied menu that gives employees, students, and guest the chance to have an enjoyable break surrounded by greenery.

Le Cementine

Our first restaurant to be open to the public was inaugurated in 2016 and is located in an idyllic and picturesque context. Its name comes from the characteristic majolica tiles from Puglia that cover the entire floor, each one hand-painted and unique.

Max Alajmo's unique style of cooking is based on principles of lightness, depth of flavour, and respect for the ingredients. He proposes a "country cooking" which relies heavily on the vegetables grown in the on-site garden and seafood from the nearby Venetian lagoon.

Al 4 Pizzeria

Opened in 2018, it offers a quick and informal option for lunch or dinner, set in an evocative environment inspired by Nordic design.

Max Alajmo, together with the pizzeria team, has dedicated himself to the study of different combinations of flours, leavenings, and toppings in search of exquisite taste and lightness.


An informal restaurant with a laid-back, distinctive, and dynamic menu that focuses on the steamed pizza invented by Max Alajmo, on the simplicity and genuineness of the ingredients, on lightness, and on the importance of taste.

The structure, designed by Philippe Starck, is very large and hosts many people.


Located in the Welcome Center, this small boutique is a branch of the Alajmo grocery store, located next to their famed restaurant Le Calandre in the town of Rubano (Padova). It offers products made and selected by Max Alajmo, as well as bakery products and sweets from his pastry shop.

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