We like to think of ourselves as an ecosystem: a professional team driven by innovation, rooted in the local area but strongly projected towards the future. Our strength lies in our heterogeneity, which allows us to reap the positive benefits deriving from both competition and collaboration: it is thanks to this diversity that every day we experience new ways of working, living and new visions of the world.

Our Campus

The physical space in which H-FARM grows and develops, presently the largest and most important innovation hub in Europe: a unique place where 3,000 people, including entrepreneurs, professionals and students, can interact every day in a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences and in the creation of new opportunities, stimuli and best practices.

Events and Spaces

We organize hundreds of events every year: lectures, presentations and debates that are open to the public, with leading experts in innovation, digital transformation and the ongoing cultural revolution. Our events take place both face-to-face and online. The spaces of our Campus are also the perfect backdrop for any kind of event: from small business meetings and workshops to large conferences.

HforHuman Foundation

HforHuman is the foundation we set up in order to facilitate the creation and development of a shared digital culture, thereby providing easier access to innovative, high-quality learning experiences.

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