Our unique learning approach is what makes our school different

One of H-FARM's most distinctive features is that it is an ecosystem that harnesses the power of research and innovation to serve the educational needs of young people.

Research conducted within our school has referenced the H-FARM philosophy to identify the approaches and methods best suited to meet current educational challenges.

Over time, the school has evolved its own, individual approach that combines the IB with multiple elements that encourage students to develop digital and interpersonal skills.

The H-Factor

we improve your decision-making

we encourage you to follow your passion

we help you create new connections

We stimulate your creativity

We help you gain access to the best universities

Choosing H-FARM International School means choosing a school where students develop the critical thinking tools that will help them identify and accomplish their goals.

We help our students to build their future, discover their dreams, design their own way of realizing them, then proceed to achieve them by identifying the most effective path.

In the H-FARM Campus, students are made aware of the opportunities offered worldwide. The H-FARM Approach plays a role in various phases of the student's education, where our aim is to enrich, color, and expand the international educational programs.

Our guiding values and objectives:
Free-sponsibility Startup thinking
Design thinking Hands on experience
Immersive experience International mindset
Lateral thinking Critical thinking
Choice training Creativity
English experience Spirit of initiative

Accessibilty and Inclusion

According to the International Baccalaureate model, inclusion is understood as “a continuous process for removing barriers to learning, incorporating the needs of all students."

One of the key principles of inclusion is the accessibility of information: thus, technology plays a key role in inclusion.

As an Apple Distinguished School, H-FARM International School provides its students with cutting-edge electronic devices with many features to make information more accessible to everyone.

Personalised learning

We encourage the self-fulfillment of students, so that they can grow to be independent, creative, self-confident, able to cooperate, transform ideas into action and create their own future.

Students thrive in a beautiful and functional location, with a rich and stimulating school culture, where teaching and learning are supported by a people-oriented approach made up of positive relationships, innovative education and digital innovation.

Empowering Educators

We choose passionate, caring and creative teachers who understand their students' needs and treat them with empathy and respect.

Our educators are always open to new modes and methods to put into practice during lessons. They do not follow preset rules or structures but, instead, they apply the "servant-leadership" philosophy: the teachers put themselves at the service of their students, with the emphasis being on learning rather than on the lesson. It's passion that makes the difference


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