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为期 6 个月的学习如何成为开发人员的课程,它是 BigSchools 的一部分,这是我们新的全日制硕士课程。


February 04, 2021

Learning, playing, and experimenting while having fun: our summer labs adopt the learning-by-doing approach, which is a fundamental motivation for the success of these 11 years of activity.

All the labs.

Open day: 30 April.

  • When: from 27 June to 2 September 2022
  • Where: on our Campus, Europe's largest innovation hub with 51 hectares of park and a beautiful residence for the overnight option

Digital labs

We will use technologies that stimulate creativity and imagination such as Minecraft, digital storytelling, creative electronics with Galactic Unite, esports with Qlash and ACER For Education, drones with DJI and Robomaster, app design, special effects, virtual reality. Among the new labs: digital graphics, robotics with Lego Spike Essential, character design, self-driving with Robolink, Explorer Edition with National Geographic Society, and Video Game Edition with Nintendo Switch.

Urban labs

Challenging and creative experiences dedicated to sports and outdoor activities such as parkour, hip hop, and graffiti combined with tech labs such as videomaking, photography, post-production, and graphic design.

Sports labs

Padel, skate, modern dance, basketball, and two multisports camps (a classic one with athletics, basketball, football, rugby, beach volleyball, volleyball and an adventure obe with BMX, horse riding, climbing, beach volleyball, tennis, and padel) supported by well-known coaches such as world volleyball champion Francesca Piccinini and the Venezia FCG football team.

English labs

They are designed to experience the innovative teaching of our H-FARM International School, based on the International Baccalaureate programme, and to practice English with our mother-tongue teachers.

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